COVID-19 Response Planning

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In today’s climate, social distancing at work is a must.

As per government guidelines, we can rework your office space to ensure the 2m distance is adhered to. This involves moving sockets, data points, phone points etc…

To reduce the amount of direct contact with surfaces, we can install facial recognition systems to replace biometric door opening systems. (Example key pads, finger print readers).

With the right planning and coordination, we can get you back to work in a safe and functional environment.

Laser Mapped for Accuracy

We are delighted to be able to team up with Tír 3D Surveys to ensure the most accurate survey of your space and supply the safest solution to your office social distancing issues.

Using laser mapping technology we can first analyze the current layout or your workspace.

From there we can help you evaluate and redesign the arrangement to maximize available space.

Having an accurate survey is the only way to guarantee that the 2m distancing requirements can be achieved. This service will help you begin your Covid-19 response plan when conducting risk- assessment for your business.

Call 085 862 7599 to find out more.